Special Education

DSC_5253editSouthside Christian School’s Homeroom program successfully provides special education services for eligible students, including facilitation of intentional inclusion for students with disabilities in general education classrooms. We also provide resource support to ensure academic success for students from our general education classes.

Our capacity for full-time special education students is 10, so that we can keep our student to teacher ratio low. Half-time enrollment is also an option for students who need a shorter day. Our Homeroom Team works with parents to create goals and a schedule that works for each individual student. We are committed to upholding our school’s mission statement to provide a rigorous academic program in the context of special education.

The Homeroom Team offers:

  • A certified special education teacher and resource team to support inclusive and individual learning.
  • Small group direct instruction (2-3 students), individualized and differentiated for all ability levels.
  • An adaptive morning session designed to meet reading, writing and math goals for students with Individual Education Plans.
  • Opportunities for inclusion in appropriate grade level general education classes, as well as electives such as music, art, drama and physical education.
  • Student Support Plans with learning goals jointly designed by the Homeroom team and parents with opportunity for review as needed throughout the school year.

If you are interested in learning more about our Homeroom program and meeting our teaching team, please call the office at (509) 838-8139 to arrange a tour!