If it is needed, we do have plans for hybrid and distance learning that we can implement. 

Here is more information on our model for online learning:

  • Multiple live sessions with the teacher(s) each school day (see Sample Distance Learning Schedule below). The length of each session time will vary depending on the grade.
  • Hands off approach for parents, student learning will happen with the guidance of teachers
  • All school work will be completed in session or in a small group or with teachers and support staff between the start of the day and dismissal 
  • Live instruction, small and large group work, and independent activities
  • Specific times scheduled for each subject
  • Bible classes
  • Virtual chapel each week
  • Blended learning and some asynchronous (learning not at same time) instructional models for student support
  • Set times for intervention, support, and connections for parents and/or students to meet with teachers
  • Use of Google Classroom as our school-wide Learning Management System
  • Chromebooks (laptops) for 1st-8th grade students that have preloaded required software for immediate learning per grade and classroom monitoring software. Tablets are provided for kindergarten students.
  • Intervention support as needed
  • Enrichment experiences as supplements (PE, Music etc.)

Click here to download our reopening plans

Below are some features from our distance learning in the past